For the first time ever, small and mid-sized businesses can access powerful, customizable enterprise management features.

Sage Live is an always-on collaborative real-time cloud based solution – built on the industry-leading Salesforce platform. It is real-time integrated accounting in the palm of your hand.

Sage Live brings together finance, sales, CRM and operational data to give you one single, powerful view of your business. It also integrates with a multitude of world class apps to make your business even more efficient.


  • Make decisions in real-time
  • Bring your favourite apps together with leading Sage and Salesforce technology

What Can Sage Live Do For Your Business…

Access anytime, anywhere

You’re always on the move and so are your customers – so your data shouldn’t be stuck in the office. With Sage Live, you’ll have the information you need ready and available on any connected device, anytime you need it.

Real-time accounting

Sage Live connects your business data sources, providing a powerful real-time accounting tool. It allows you to analyse your cash flow, create custom journals and has multi-currency, multi-company and dimensional General Ledger functionality.

Personalise to suit your business

Unlike other solutions, Sage Live is easy to personalise and customise to suit your business. It can connect to an endless array of data sources, so you connect with your favourite mobile and web apps to create a single view of your business.

Real-time decision making

With key business data brought together into powerful business dashboards, you’ll get instant access to reports allowing you to make informed decisions. Sage Live empowers you to make those important decisions in real-time.

Inspire, engage and motivate your team

Your whole team can be connected to real-time scoreboards, newsfeeds and notifications on the devices they’re always carrying around, allowing them to have the insight to make proactive, smart and fast decisions on their mobile or via social media integrations.