PC Restoration

Fixer is a piece of software that will automatically restore the PC to your desired system state – every time the workstation is restarted, or on any set schedule. Making the workstations perfectly configured and available for the next user.

Fixer is perfect for environment where they PC’s are used multiple people such as school, colleges and university. Every time the PC is rebooted it can go back to the desired state set by the IT department.

If you have customers who have little IT knowledge and supporting their PC or Laptop can be cost due to lots of user errors this is the product for you. Just reboot and they will be back up and running.

Key Features & BenefitsS

  • Restore on reboot or log-off
  • Restore on idle PC (no PC activity)
  • Restore on an hourly, daily or weekly schedule
  • Restore daily on first startup of day
  • Automatically accept OS and anti virus updates
  • Keep important data using “immune space”
  • Block access to CD ROM & USB ports
  • Protect unlimited hard disk partitions
  • Easily write-protect each hard disk with two clicks
  • Remote management console for remote network administration